Right to Try Ceremonial Signing

On Wednesday, Right to Try was publicly signed and celebrated.  Promote Liberty was there to share in the occasion.

From the news report below:

Jonathan Johnson is the Chairman of Overstock.com and the head of Utah’s Right to Try Foundation. His late father once volunteered to test an experimental drug to treat his leukemia.

“He said ‘I don’t want to go through chemo again. I’m more than willing to try an experimental drug if it helps the drug companies and it might help me, it might not’,” Johnson recalled. “His doctor said ‘It’s too much work’. Well, the work wasn’t work for my father. It was the hundred hours of paperwork that the doctor had to do. The Right to Try law gets rid of that hundred hours of paperwork.”

Jonathan Johnson has also set up a non-profit to help families take advantage of the new law, details provided below.

Under the bill, insurance companies are not required to pay for the experimental treatment, so Johnson, the Chairman of Overstock.com, has created the non-profit Right to Try Foundation.

“Our Right to Try Foundation is raising money to help cover the costs of the experimental drugs for Utah families that can’t afford the medication,” Johnson said.

Stan Summers’ son is also terminally ill, and he said this new bill gives their whole family a new sense of hope.

“We’re not sure if there are any drugs out there right now, but we would like to think if there were drugs out there that would help him that we would have access to those drugs that would eventually help him to take care of his disease,” Summers said.

Watch Fox13 coverage here.